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Motor agility modification is somewhat questionable to use daily ride. Especially in the Capital city streets whose names are familiar as bad. But, it was immediately denied Barry Cahya Nugraha, the owner of this Honda Tiger. According to him, depending on the concept itself MODIF

"Yeah, like streetfighter type. In addition to the unique shape and muscular, as well as for riding in the city. Sip clearly more sporty than the type. I was kind of motor, "Barry pointed to the bike.

But to touch MODIF, Barry is not alone. Doi submit changes to the Tiger's favorite Syawaluddin, friend Motor modifier. The first thing modifier of this kind, initiated the concept of the tank through the motor.

Form of the tank in this bike, do not take the design from an existing motor. But, purely from our own creations, "says the man who had a workshop on Jl. Perum Peruri Sudimara Jaya, Ciledug, Tangerang, Banten.

Use the basic materials-iron plate 0.8 mm, enough to increase fuel capacity to 19 liters of which was originally only 13 liters. Here Syawaluddin harmonizationcarefulness design large-capacity tank with the cover body to the stern style streetfighter

Continue to cover the body! Rely on fiberglass, because doi wish to pursue in order not too heavy. Moreover, to create designs and grooves, obviously easier than the metal plate. But the matter of design, of course, made so in harmony with the gasoline tank belonging cool.

The impression presented by the stern of a true fighter who made a bit rise. To that end, raise the subframe Syawaluddin about 3 cm.

There are interesting things done with the motor Syawaludin Barry. Doi, do a test ride on the motor customers with route Jakarta-Jakarta-Cianjur. "The testing of this motor, motor deficiencies purpose is to find the time position of the road. Because Barry wants perfection in that bike, "said the native modifier of Tasikmalaya, West Java.

This step, something that rarely spelled out in celebration of National modification. And if ever, maybe with a close range. But, rather than if something should go back and forth to the shop, doi travel better this way.

The result, proven! Banny motors do not experience significant problems. So, except for pacing on the streets of Jakarta, Barry was now able to confirm if his streetfighter was also invited to remain reliable for long touring!


Front tire: Mizzle 90/80-17
Rear tire: 140/60-17 Tire Deli
Speedometer: Terminogni
Sok back: YSS Satria 120R
Sahabat Motor: (021) 99387168

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