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The tight competition between stores in the center of variation Jl. Otista, East Jakarta to make pedege be creative. If baseball aggressive and just waiting for the consumer, might not be able to order. In the end, the kitchen is notreek. Understandably along the street traders are all variations

I'll have more value, Glory Motors (GM) motor shelf creations always try their modification. "Purposely displayed let consumers can picture what it looks like if it had stuck to modifi and variations of the motor," said Koh Asan, the owner of the GM who was fond of this MODIF.

As a result consumers who like to be direct and can kelar MODIF in just one day. Mio Soul example of this. "The execution of only one day because we had everything ready products. So we do not wear MODIF in a long time and it can be anticipated," promotion man named Phin Bun Tji complete this.

This can happen because the store is located at Jl. Otista, No. 39A, East Jakata are considered complete. For voters skubek flow can be started from the low rider rim shopping options as desired. "There are many choices of size, has been following the complete ban," added the man was neatly dressed.

So also with the system withdraw departed. GM provides many options and sizes are also ready to install. "For the Soul of this, simply use a 20 cm," added Koh excited Asan

"The principle MODIF low rider was almost equal in the matter of the main parts.'s Why we dare to stock a lot," continued the man who seems fond of these short-haired.

After the main part was finished, just stay stuck variations electoral affairs. "For example, handlebars, muffler, mirror and others, were all well prepared."

Readiness items like this makes the modification process did not take long. "Unless airbrush want to play, it was left to the experts," Asan cuap the subscription you order at the Jaedun Mukhtar from JJ Airbrush.

It could also do a day?


Front tire: 100/70-14 Swallow
Rear tire: 140/60-14 Swallow
Front rim: 3.5 x14 inches Custom
Rear rim: Custom 6x14 inches
Exhaust: Yoshimura

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